Rodríguez López Auto has EC type-approval extensions for MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLKSWAGEN, RENAULT, RENAULT TRUCKS, FIAT, IVECO, PEUGEOT, MAN and FORD brands and approval within the framework defined by Directive 2007/46/EC.



Ambulances made ​​by Rodríguez López Auto feature European Phased approval code, so they can be registered in any country of the European Union as ambulances directly without going through any technical inspection. Besides the issue of the Certificate of Conformity (COC) implies compliance with the UNE-EN 1789:2007 + A2: 2014 as shown and requires approval by the European Directive 2007/46/EC.



Rodríguez López Auto, as a manufacturer of type M1&N1 second stage special vehicles, is adjusted to the homologation framework defined by European Union & Council Directive 2007/46/CE, Sept 5th, providing partial directions to the production process.


10. Radioelectric parasites (electromagnetic compatibility). Directive 72/245/CEE

12. Interior conditioning. Directive 74/60/CEE

15. Seat endurance. Directive 74/408/CEE

16. Exterior projections. Directive 74/483/CEE

18. Valid plates. Directive 76/114/CEE

19. Safety belt anchorage. Directive 76/115/CEE

31. Safety belts and reduction systems. Directive 77/541/CEE

32. Front view field. Directive 77/649/CEE

33. Identification of controls, turn signal and headlight indicators. Directive 78/316/CEE

36. Heating systems. Directive 2001/56/CE

44. Masses and dimensions (vehicles). Directive 92/21/CEE

45. Safety glasses. Directive 92/22/CEE

61. Air conditioning system. Directive 2006/40/CE



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