ISHEM Project

The ISHEM project, financed by the ERDF-Innterconecta program, aims to create a comprehensive platform for the efficient management of health emergencies. The project aims to create an intelligent system that provides to both, professionals on board of the vehicles as to the centers of coordination and hospitals, the necessary information for decision-making during the onboard assistance: clinical information, management and GIS.

ISHEM is a project of a group of companies from three different sectors: ICT, health and automotive. In particular, the companies of the Consortium are: everis, Coremain, Rodriguez Lopez Auto, Imaxdi and the technological centres CTAG and the Ramon Dominguez Foundation.

• Hospital and health centres: development of a support system for decision making about patients "outside the walls" of the health centre; enabling monitoring and early intervention of patients in transit.

• Emergency coordination centres: generation of a solution for the coordination of emergency resources, research in intelligent systems for the management of routes and resource balancing.

• Medical transport and onboard devices: development of onboard technologies in order to make available the information of the patient and of the route.

• Technology communications: researching broadcast satellite channels and developing algorithms for sending signals of electro-medicine guaranteeing real time communication.



Electric BY-PASS safety system with automatic battery-switching system

If the second battery fails, vehicle battery provides minimum services for the patient’s vital safety. If vehicle battery fails, the second battery enables to turn on the vehicle preventing the ICU from staying still.


Smart Battery System Manager

It manages the alternator charging according to each one of the batteries and guarantees at any time the turning on of the vehicle and the functioning of vital devices.


Programmable control system

It connects or disconnects services according to selected priorities and to battery charge status.


Cockpit control panel

Provided with open door indicator, open step climber indicator and others. It allows the driver to know the status of elements out of the vision field and that affect personal safety. Furthermore, It brings a general switch-off /reset button for all functions.


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