Rodríguez López Auto certified as VW Commercial Vehicles integratedPartner

Rodríguez López Auto has been certified as integratedPartner by Volkwagen Commercial Vehicles, fulfil important requirements covering the sales, marketing and after-sales fields, demonstrating an outstanding technical expertise and experience in the conversion of Volkwagen commercial vehicles.

Rodríguez López Auto certified as VW Commercial Vehicles integratedPartner



RETTmobil 2019

RLA will be present at the RETTmobil 2019 rescue and mobility exhibition that will be held between May 15 and 17, 2019 next to the German town of Fulda.

In the event, a reference at European level, RLA will participate with the exhibition of three vehicles equipped with the latest developments in technology, design and finishes, recently developed by the R + D + i departments.

RETTmobil 2019



EC Type Approval for MAN TGE

After signing the agreement with the automotive manufacturer MAN and carrying out the specific tests necessary for compliance with the European standard for road ambulances EN 1789, Rodríguez López Auto already has EC type approval extensions for the MAN TGE model in categories N1 and N2. In this way the possibilities of choosing the base vehicle for ambulance transformations are extended, adding to the brands MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLKSWAGEN, RENAULT, RENAULT TRUCKS, FIAT, IVECO and PEUGEOT.

EC Type Approval for MAN TGE



Rodríguez López Auto updates its logo

Rodríguez López Auto modernizes its corporate image by updating its logo, with an aesthetic that emphasizes the values of technology, research, development and innovation present in the company. The emblem with the initials RLA was born with the aim of bringing the brand closer to international markets, offering the "tailor made" philosophy that is so characteristic in our way of manufacturing special vehicles.

Rodríguez López Auto updates its logo



Ambulances for the Benemérito Fire Department of Guayaquil

The Benemérito Fire Department of Guayaquil (Ecuador) has presented to the media the 25 units converted to ambulances by Rodríguez López Auto.

With the aim of renewing the fleet, 19 Type II Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x2 ambulance units have been developed in the L2 H2 version, and 6 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 units to guarantee service in difficult areas access.

For this last model the roof of the original body has been raised to achieve an interior height of more than 1.50 m, giving the ambulance a greater interior space in a vehicle of these characteristics, equipping a stretcher, a bench of two places with two-point safety belts and furniture to store all the necessary medical and electro-medical equipment.

As for the Sprinter model, it retains the design that has been developed for ambulances according to the type of the TRIPLE K norm, with the addition of a three-seat bench with two-point seat belts, convertible into a second stretcher using the spine board, and with integrated support in the stretcher itself. In addition, the 19 units equip the integral 360º emergency signaling spoiler, RLAF1.

Ambulance Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 Type II

Ambulance Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Type II

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Ambulances for the Benemérito Fire Department of Guayaquil





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