Ambulance Type A1, new Mercedes-Benz Vito

As Automotive technology evolves, Rodriguez Lopez Auto keeps pace by continually adapting our designs to the very latest vehicle types being released by manufacturers.

An example of our continued drive to be the most forward thinking ambulance producer in Europe can be found in our latest Mercedes Vito Type A1 ambulance with CEN EN1789 certification.

The latest Mercedes Vito has the same, generous amount of interior space as the previous model, but now, in conjunction with our conversion, is more aesthetically pleasing than ever.

The clinical area includes a PB-420 stretcher, with storage underneath for a scoop, and seating for 4 occupants plus stretcher.

you can see more images of this vehicle at Vehicles > Ambulances CEN 1789 > Type A1 > Mercedes-Benz Vito.

Ambulance Type A1, new Mercedes-Benz Vito



Volkswagen Crafter, Twin sliding door, Type A2 Ambulance

As another example of our vehicle conversion adaptability, and commitment to our customers needs, we present the Volkswagen Crafter, Type A2 Ambulance with twin sliding door.

The twin sliding door design allows for easy access to the first rows of seats, from either side of the vehicle. The Ambulance is fitted with 5 rear seats, two of which are removable for the carriage of wheel chairs. Rear wheel chair access to the vehicle is made using our ‘Duplex’ non-slip, lightweight ramp.

Volkswagen Crafter, Twin sliding door, Type A2 Ambulance



New ambulance CATALOG European Norm CEN 1789

New version of the ambulance CATALOG which joins the types C, B, A2, (with or without stretcher), A1 and PATIENT TRANSPORT SERVICE fulfilling the European Norm CEN 1789.

In the new developments reached by the mechanical and electronic engineering team of RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ AUTO, the new integral spoiler, the APOLO 2.0 control panel, the sliding and swiveling seat and the design of the type C patient compartment highlights in the content of this CATLOG.

As it becomes usual the catalogue shows some different samples of the interior design for each type of ambulance, among the infinite possibilities as design and fully customized.

You can download the PDF version in the following link.

New ambulance CATALOG European Norm CEN 1789



VI Conference on Coexistence of medical transport in Andalusia

On days 7TH , 8TH  and 9TH of October of 2015 in Granada is celebrated the VI Conference on Coexistence of medical transport in Andalusia, a meeting place for all industry professionals .

As usual, current issues will be discussed with the aim of combining synergies and draw useful conclusions. Among the events highlight the paper " New Regulations for Traffic and Road Safety Act " , topic of interest to the medical transport section .

For his part, Rodriguez Lopez Auto will present several ambulance conversions within the framework of the European standard EN 1789.

ADEMA website: http://www.adema-ambulancias.es/content/granada-acoge-los-dias-7-8-9-de-octubre-las-vi-jornadas-de-transporte-sanitario-en-andalucia

VI Conference on Coexistence of medical transport in Andalusia



Type A1 ambulance Volkswagen Crafter

In the path of the “tailor made design”, totally defined by the customer and the flexibility of the production line, RLA presents the ambulance A1 following the norm CEN1789, based on the Volkswagen Crafter short wheelbase normal roof (L1H1).

In the external conversion, the ambulance is equipped with a low profile light bar, LED light in the front grill and an arrow stick integrated in the rear spoiler joined to two rear LED emergency lights in the side of the rear spoiler.

For the sanitary compartment, on top of the extractor fan installed in the roof, the vehicle is equipped with a second air conditioning and heater evaporator. The internal facility is manufactured following the specifications of the end user, with an removable Ampubox integrated, supports for the electro-medical equipment and oxygen cylinders, fast oxygen outlets connections, and electrical outlets 12V/220V. Referring to the internal equipment the conversion is completed with a stretcher support with a security third point anchorage, loading ramp and scoop stretcher bracket, two M-1 seats with three point seat belt integrated.

Type A1 ambulance Volkswagen Crafter





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