New Renault Trafic Typo A1

After the launching of the Renault  Trafic 2014 , Rodríguez López Auto had adapted the design of the ambulance  type A 1 to this new van.

On the one hand,  the car internal measurements and the design were updated. But on the other hand, the strengths were maintained. So  the layout for the sanitary devices and the options to customized the design remain.

New Renault Trafic Typo A1



Entrepreneurs conference

Rodríguez López Auto will participate in the Entrepreneurs conference organized by the National Federation of Ambulances Entrepreneurs which will take place on April 6th and 7th.

In the event Rodrígeuz López Auto will show off the last designs developed by the R&D department. The company will put on display  the new aerodynamics spoiler with 360º emergency lighting. The participants can see the new design  placed in several ambulances manufactured  according to 1789 norm.

Entrepreneurs conference



Ambulances VW Transporter Vital Support

10 units of volkswagen Transporter ambulances are in service in Dominican Republic as devices in the 911 emergency program.

The vehicles are achieving renown in the country where they want to provide sanitary purchases in high quality, reliability and safety features in base vehicle and also in the conversion.

Ambulances VW Transporter Vital Support



We are very pleased with our colleage Iago Borjes

The integration of new colleagues with special needs in the workforce of the company is giving very good results. We would like to express our gratitude to the charity Down Ourense because its program focused on fostering employment for people with special needs and through this program we had chance to join Iago to our staff. He is working on electronical devices department and his results are as good as any staff member. Also the CEO perseveres in the message: they are people really hard workers, very polite and a teamworker.

This new was reported by the most popular local newspaper La voz de Galicia.

We are very pleased with our colleage Iago Borjes



RLA in the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, UAE

Rodríguez López Auto will be present in partnership with Eagle from January 26 to January 29 with one of its ambulances on display at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre in the United Arab Emirates, as part of Arab Health.

The vehicle exposed is a life support ambulance with the last technology developed by R&D and Innovation of RLA. This technology namely the automated control system used in the ambulance which is conected to can bus vehicle (CARLA) and c-type trauma wall with configurable electromedicine support.

For more information on the technology used in this product, see our R&D section as well as the Arab Health official event website.

RLA in the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, UAE





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