RODRÍGUEZ LÓPEZ GROUP, as a business group dedicated to design, development, production and maintenance of special vehicles and their systems, components, and independent technical units and related equipment, ASSUMES as main goal the full satisfaction of our customers. In order to achieve that, we follow all your requirements, within the legislation currently in force, and make every endeavor to offer a product that will satisfy your expectations.

RODRÍGUEZ LÓPEZ GROUP distinguishing elements, such as design flexibility, deadline commitment, as well as our highly level customer oriented services lead the organization to ongoing improvements.

Management aims are directed to improve the quality of our products and to optimize complementary services through our commercial and production departments, our after-sale service, and by means of creating new systems and components within our R&D department and by the adaptation of our organization toward new legal frameworks.

RODRÍGUEZ LÓPEZ GROUP is committed to the ongoing formation of our employees in many fields, promoting, at any time and according to their needs, their participation on different training and retraining programs.

RODRÍGUEZ LÓPEZ GROUP management guarantees the periodical review of this policy and its quality goals.

Since Quality Policiy is the chosen mean to lead the organization to an ongoing improvement, it is visibly exposed for all our staff, as well as transmitted with the aim that it will be understood at all levels.

The MANAGER of RODRÍGUEZ LÓPEZ GROUP is committed to provide all necessary resources in order to implement this Quality Policy. For this purpose, he guarantees information, participation and training of all the company employees.


San Cibrao das Viñas, 12 de Mayo de 2010


J. Enrique Rodríguez Jorge





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