RODRÍGUEZ LÓPEZ AUTO, S.L.U. as a manufacturer of Special Vehicles, such as Ambulances, Police and Military Vehicles, considers Quality as one of the key aspects to maintain its leadership position in the field of the activities it develops.

Therefore, our key points are some principles such as:

  • Promote the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of our Management System and the processes established in it.

  • Contribute to innovation and constant technological improvement to our products, having as main objective the SATISFACTION of the client.

  • Total flexibility on the DESIGNS, adapting it at all times to the needs and expanding the expectations of the clients.

  • Compliance with the LEGAL and REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS applicable to each specialty and specificity of our developments and services.

  • Assign the HUMAN RESOURCES and materials necessary to achieve the Quality OBJECTIVES of our organization.

  • To guarantee Information, Training and Participation of all works.

And for all this, and to carry out EFFECTIVELY the aforementioned principles, the CEO of Rodríguez López Auto undertakes to provide the necessary Resources for the implementation of this Policy, for which reason, with his support and that of the Interested Parties, effective its application.


March 2018


J. Enrique Rodríguez Jorge





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