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New RLA interior ceilings

With the need to reduce the weight of the package, improve ergonomics and enhance the aesthetic sense, RLA develops new interior ceilings for care and non-care ambulances that are already being incorporated into the production process. Both versions adapt perfectly to the different makes and models of vehicles in the different battles used for the transformation into an ambulance.

The two versions share two LED lighting bars along the entire longitudinal axis, with two different light powers and blue twilight lighting. They also incorporate the extraction / ventilation aerators for the patient compartment and allow the integration of folding serum-holder blades in the set.

The assistive variant enables several additional adjustable spot light points, cold light, a respirator well with integrated oxygen and current connections, and longitudinal handles among other options that improve the flexibility of the interior design.

Ambulance care.

Transport ambulance.

First Renault Trafic with integral roof spoiler

First Renault Trafic with integral RLA 1 roof spoiler transformed into an ambulance at RLA facilities in Colombia.

Incorporation of Galician into the business activity

Rodríguez López Auto has presented the Galicianization program in an act of Investiture de Galeguidade Empresarial held at the facilities. The event, organized by the E. Peinador Forum and supported by the Xunta de Galicia, was attended by the Secretary General of Language Policy, Valentín García, and the President of the Galician Parliament, Miguel Ángel Santalices, among other countless representatives of public and private entities.

The program contemplates the use of Galician in the activity of the company, such as external documentation, web page, answering messages, signage, internal and external communications, internal relations with the workers, administrative documentation and social acts.

Later, a commemorative plaque with posthumous tribute was displayed to the founder of the company, José Enrique Rodríguez López, initiator of the process.

As a culmination, the duo formed by Rosa Cedrón and Emilio Rúa enlivened the act with a small performance interpreting some Galician folk songs.



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