Type A1 AmbulanceEN 1789

Individual Patient Transport

Standard EN 1789

Designed and equipped to transport a single patient on a stretcher or chair, who cannot be expected to become an emergency patient.


  • Customization of the interior design and layout. Custom design.
  • Personalization of emergency signage.
  • Custom designed electromedical stands.
  • Finish without visible joints that facilitate cleaning and disinfection of the ambulance.
  • Consistent interior color tone including doors, regardless of base vehicle color.
  • Excellent after-sales service.


  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of the patient area.
  • Air conditioning and heating for the patient area.
  • Plastic furniture with waterproof and fireproof properties.
  • Easy-to-clean and disinfect upholstered seats, with three-point belt, reclining backrest and folding armrests.
  • Stretcher holder with support for spinal board / paddle stretcher.
  • Interior lighting by means of LED bars on the ceiling with two intensities and twilight lighting.
  • Support for custom designed evacuation / transport chairs.


  • 100% electric ambulance, zero emissions, with an independent battery system that does not affect the autonomy of the base vehicle.
  • Air conditioning system for the patient area.
  • Internal manual step or external automatic step for access through the side sliding door.
  • Wide range of fixed and folding seats, with swivel base, sliding foot, etc. according to the needs of the transformation.
  • Bench for bariatric electric stretcher.
  • Exterior signage and interior design according to corporate image.

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