THERMOFORMED ABS NILOCare Ambulances Type C / Type B / ALS / BLS

Interior Design in Thermoformed ABS

NILO is an internationally awarded project aimed at manufacturing the interior of ambulances in thermoformed ABS. With an elegant image, NILO has an ergonomic and functional layout that facilitates the work of healthcare professionals and creates an environment designed to reduce patient stress during transfer.

The use of thermoformed ABS gives the healthcare compartment a continuous and homogeneous image, with pleasant and ergonomic shapes that facilitate work. The different possibilities of textures and colors allow to customize the interior finish and adapt it to the preferences of each client.

By adjusting to the original structure of the vehicle, it has been possible to optimize the space to the maximum with more than 1.5 m3 for interior storage within the furniture, distributed in multipurpose and customizable areas.

A version with internal free height increased to 2.06 m is available in the NILO C PLUS version to allow better mobility in a fully upright posture for taller healthcare professionals.


  • Manufactured in thermoformed ABS.
  • Customizable modular design.
  • Different textures and colors.
  • More than 1.5 m3 of storage space.
  • Up to 2.06 m interior height in the C + version.


  • Maximized storage space.
  • General lighting system and workspaces.
  • Elimination of corners and joints.
  • Great structural resistance of the sanitary cell.
  • Resistance to chemical agents.

NILO is available in the NILO B, NILO C and NILO C PLUS versions to cover all functional and interior space needs.


  • Ambulances Type B / Type C EN1789
  • BLS / ALS / Type II ambulances
  • Interior height of 2.06 meters


  • Ambulances Type B / Type C EN1789
  • BLS / ALS / Type II ambulances
  • Interior height of 1,989 meters


  • Ambulances Type B EN1789
  • BLS / Type II ambulances
  • Interior height of 1,989 meters

The NILO project has been awarded with the prestigious IF DESIGN GOLD AWARD 2021 in the Product discipline within the Automobiles / Vehicles category.

  • Idea: 85/100
  • Form: 80/100
  • Impact: 75/100
  • Function: 81/100
  • Differenciation: 86/100
  • Final score: 408/500
  • Qualifying score for finalists: 242
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