Military AmbulanceAdvanced Life Support • Basic Life Support

Military Ambulance


4x4 off-road ambulances designed for basic or advanced treatment, transportation of multiple casualties, and troop transport.


  • Customization of the interior design and layout. Custom design.
  • Personalization of emergency signage and labeling according to corporate image.
  • Electromedical mural with sliding brackets for optimal placement.
  • Custom designed electromedical stands.
  • Finish without visible joints that facilitate cleaning and disinfection of the ambulance.
  • Consistent interior color tone including doors, regardless of base vehicle color.


  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of the patient area.
  • Technical furniture with light materials and water-repellent and fire-retardant properties.
  • Upholstered seats that are easy to clean and disinfect, with a three-point belt, reclining backrest and folding armrests.
  • Stretcher holder with longitudinal, lateral and Trendelenburg movement.
  • Interior lighting by means of LED bars on the ceiling with two intensities and twilight lighting.


  • Double frame stretcher carrier system that can be converted into a transport bench.
  • System of telescopic guides integrated into the stretcher holder to facilitate loading in high-rise vehicles.
  • Refrigerator and / or serum warming chamber built into the furniture.
  • Specific control panel for military vehicles.
  • Exterior doors to house and facilitate maintenance of the electrical panel and the main oxygen cylinders.
  • Configurable interior ceiling with adjustable LED spotlights and a group of operating room-type cold light spotlights.
  • AMPUBOX removable ampoule holder integrated in furniture with shutter and lock.

Chassis-cab 4x4
Van 4x4
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