Type A2 AmbulanceEN 1789

Collective Patient Transport

European standard EN 1789

Designed and equipped for the transport of one or more patients who cannot be expected to be an emergency on a stretcher or wheelchair. Depending on the capacity of the patient area, it can equip four to six seats plus the stretcher, and up to four wheelchairs.


  • Customization of the interior design and layout. Custom design.
  • Personalization of emergency signage.
  • Custom designed electromedical stands
  • Finish without visible joints that facilitate cleaning and disinfection of the ambulance.
  • Consistent interior color tone including doors, regardless of base vehicle color.
  • Excellent after-sales service.


  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of the patient area.
  • Air conditioning and heating for the patient area.
  • Technical furniture with light materials and water-repellent and fire-retardant properties
  • Easy-to-clean and disinfect upholstered seats, with three-point belt, reclining backrest and folding armrests.
  • Stretcher holder with support for spinal board / paddle stretcher.
  • Interior lighting by means of LED bars on the ceiling with two intensities and twilight lighting.
  • Wheelchair belt anchor points on the floor and ceiling.
  • DUPLEX double folding manual ramp, light, non-slip and with reduced loading angle.
  • Support for custom designed evacuation / transport chairs.


  • 100% electric ambulance, zero emissions, with an independent battery system that does not affect the autonomy of the base vehicle.
  • IntegratedWAV floor concealed wheelchair anchor system.
  • HANSWAV head support device for wheelchair seats. HANSWAV makes it possible to avoid neck injuries in the event of an accident.
  • Winch with control for loading and unloading of wheelchairs or stretchers.
  • Air conditioning system for the patient area.
  • Internal manual step or external automatic step for access through the side sliding door.
  • Wide range of fixed and folding seats, with swivel base, sliding foot, etc. according to the needs of the transformation.
  • Rail for stretcher switchable by seat for wheelchair.
  • Bench for bariatric electric stretcher.
  • Exterior signage and interior design according to corporate image.

Compact Van
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