CARLA 4.0Sistema CAN BUS con control táctil para ambulancias

Technology at the service of ambulances

CARLA 4.0 for ambulances is a state-of-the-art system developed by RLA that allows the management of all the functions necessary for emergency service, using CAN data bus technology incorporated in current original vehicles. An opto-coupled CAN gateway and the link to the base vehicle's CAN system serve as a secure link between the two systems.

Interaction with healthcare professionals is carried out by means of two touch screens (driver's cabin and healthcare compartment) and one or more MMI controls (optional) on the armrests of the seats in the healthcare area and on the access doors to the rear area. The programming of the modular electronics based on the equipment allows customizing the functions by adapting them to the characteristics of each ambulance.

Basic functions

  • Emergency signage
  • Outdoor area lighting
  • Battery monitoring
  • Dimmable interior lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Oxygen system

Complementary functions

  • Automated furniture
  • Privacy glass (electrically controlled opacity)
  • Specific emergency signaling (high penetration lights, search lights, perimeter lights, two-tone lights, ...) and automation (vehicle in circulation, arrival on scene, door opening, ...)
  • Rear turn signal bar
  • Control of coolbox / serum warmer
  • Electric stirrup control
  • Specific interior lighting and automation (operating room type cold light, adjustable spotlights, lighting with door opening, ...)
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