IntegratedWAVIntegrated Retention System for Wheelchairs

Ergonomics and Safety for Adapted Transport

In vehicles for the transport of people with reduced mobility (PRM) and ambulances for collective transport (Type A2) in which the user moves in their own wheelchair, ergonomics and safety are essential. Conventional restraint systems require the anchors to be placed on the floor guides after positioning the chair, and their subsequent disassembly before removing it, causing a slow and complex loading and unloading process. In addition, the traditional system for fixing the anchors and the seat belt by the professional is uncomfortable and in many cases ineffective.

IntegratedWAV IntegratedWAV IntegratedWAV IntegratedWAV combined with HANSWAV IntegratedWAV

With IntegratedWAV the anchors are integrated into the floor and roof of the vehicle so they do not pose any obstacle to interior mobility. Once the chair is located, the fastening elements and the seat belt are removed from the floor without the need for any prior assembly process. And the unloading is much easier since they are collected automatically thanks to the seven retractable reels that make up the system.

In combination, the HANSWAV head restraint device for wheelchair users improves the level of safety and comfort for users and is very easy to use by professionals who provide their service in this type of vehicle.


  • Total set of 7 retractable reel anchors integrated into the vehicle body
  • Four retractable reel anchors (two front and two rear) integrated into the floor to secure the wheelchair.
  • Two rear retractable reel anchors integrated into the floor for belly seat belt
  • A roof-mounted retractable reel anchor for third-point seat belt


  • "Ready to use" system. It is not necessary to install or uninstall the different fastening elements on the floor guides at each loading or unloading of the wheelchair.
  • A fixed and permanent geometry of all anchor points is maintained.
  • Anchors are not lost or damaged when manipulated for removal and installation.
  • Integrated anchors create a totally clear floor, with no obstacles to mobility.
  • Faster, easier and safer wheelchair fixing process for the professional.
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