Type C and Type B Chassis-Cabin + Box Ambulance EN 1789 · Advanced Life Support · Basic Life Support

Chassis-Cabin + Box

European Standard EN 1789

Designed and equipped for the transport, advanced treatment and monitoring of patients (Type C) or for the transport, basic treatment and monitoring of patients (Type B), according to the EN1789 standard, transformed into an ambulance on a chassis-cabin with box.


  • Customization of the interior design and layout. Custom design.
  • Side sliding door for access to the healthcare compartment.
  • Interior height of more than 1.80 m (depending on the base vehicle).
  • Electromedical wall with sliding brackets for optimal placement.
  • Custom designed electromedical stands.
  • Finish without visible joints that facilitate cleaning and disinfection of the ambulance.
  • Consistent interior color tone including doors, regardless of base vehicle color.
  • Personalization of emergency signage.
  • Excellent after-sales service.


  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of the patient area.
  • Air conditioning and heating for the patient area.
  • Technical furniture with light materials and water-repellent and fire-retardant properties
  • Floor projected with lateral protection towards the skirting board without joints, watertight and non-slip.
  • Easy-to-clean and disinfect upholstered seats, with three-point belt, reclining backrest and folding armrests.
  • Stretcher holder with longitudinal, lateral and Trendelenburg movement.
  • Interior lighting by means of LED bars on the ceiling with variable intensity and twilight lighting.


  • CAN BUS CARLA 4.0 system with touch screens in the cabin, on the patient area, on the armrest of the seat and next to the exterior access doors.
  • APOLO 2.x control panel.
  • Rear automatic platform for loading and unloading the stretcher.
  • Air conditioning system for the patient area.
  • Configurable interior ceiling with adjustable LED spotlights and a group of operating room-type cold light spotlights.
  • AMPUBOX removable ampoule holder integrated in furniture with shutter and lock.
  • Configurable seats (fixed foot, swivel foot, sliding base, buckled belt indicators, bariatric, etc.)
  • Electric bench with multiple options (automatic loading / unloading, bariatric, automatic trendelemburg, rail for electric stretcher, etc.).
  • Refrigerator and / or serum warming chamber built into the furniture.
  • Double circuit security system and double oxygen bottle.
  • Exterior signage and interior design according to corporate image.

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